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We offer our patients a full range of psychological and psychiatric services in a supportive and confidential environment.

Psychiatrists Dr. Carey Cottle, Dr. Glenn E. Jennings, Clay Shugart P.A., Teresa Hurst P.A.-C and therapists Dr. Andy Mitchum, Dr. Larry Willett, and Ms. Carson Sarvis work with individuals to help them adjust to life changes, learn better ways to cope with stress, recover from past hurts, make difficult decisions, improve relationships, and change troubling habits and personality traits. Less severe problems can be treated briefly in a few sessions, while more complicated and difficult problems may require a longer commitment. Therapists also provide couples and family therapy.

Psychological testing is available from Dr. Andy Mitchum to clarify emotional and psychological issues, assess problems in thinking and memory, measure intelligence, and guide placement and treatment decisions.

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